"I love this bag. There was a delay in receiving it but I sent an email regarding the delay and they were very responsive! Its very well made! Better than I expected!"
Michelle S.
Piper Noble Bag
"Love my bag it’s so roomie can hold a lot of my supplies also my wallet and water. If someone asked if I would buy it again I would of course ♥️♥️♥️ It."
Kathy H.
Kate Bag
"I am very satisfied with this bag. It is exactly what I was looking for. Not only am I going to use it for my business, but it is also doubles as my every day bag! Thanks ladies! Norma "
Norma L.
Germany likes Piper Noble
"Thank you! Such a Great bag! Everybody in Germany gets crazy when they see my bag."
Sabine Z.
Love it
"So perfect for running some errands and showing off some product to spark interest!!!! Love the back pack feature to it!!! Fast shipping! "
Jennifer S.
Great Bag
"I love my Kate Presentation Tote. It's bigger then I thought it would be so I was pleasantly surprised. I've used it a few times and I've noticed people looking at it but no one has approached me yet. I have fit all my goodies in the bag so I'm ready for sales."
Pamela S.
Amazing bag!!
"In. Love. This bag is so well made and hold everything I need! Could not be happier with this purchase!!"
Jacquelyn C.
"I love the size! I can carry everything I need and plenty that I don’t. :) Being able to display the product as I go through the day is awesome!"
Annette H.
Greatest bag ever!
"I love my new bag! All my clients ask about it as well. "
Teresa R.
Beautiful Bag
"I love the quality of my Piper Noble bag! It's big enough to fit quite alot inside! I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future. Thank you!"
Heather L.
Beautiful & Functional Marketing tool
"I absolutely LOVE it! Not only is is a functional tote that ticks all the boxes for me as a daily tote bag. It’s beautifully made. On top of that, it provides me a great way to subtly present my Color Street products which starts conversation, and has led to sales. I highly recommend the Kate Presentation Tote!"
Sheila C.
Great Customer Service
"I just would like to say that I never write reviews but this company is fantastic! The products are of very good quality and on point. They are very quick to answer if you have any problems or concerns. Their first and utmost detail is to take care of the customer. Great customer service! Thank you!!"
Mary Verile
Piper Noble
"I love my Piper Noble bag! I love the quality and it was much bigger than I anticipated. I love showing off my bag where ever I go!! "
Clara E.
"This bag is amazing!!"
Sara M.
The Pippa Presentation Tote
"Omg I love it! It’s very light weight and holds everything I need. I use it for work and everyday use. I would highly recommend it to everyone! "
Angi H.
Bag that literally SELLS
"I totally LOVE my bag. The moment I added my items in my bag, it has people turning heads and asking what I have. Inside the bag holds my WORLD - my personal, kids stuff and my business. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this"
Mariclaire Z.
Meghan Convertible Crossbody
"I love my new Crossbody, it’s classy and displays my products perfectly!"
Love it!
"During the pink Friday sale i was able to gift a bag to a teammate who excelled in the month of November and we are both obsessed! I took it to target with me and had the opportunity to meet new customers + show off lipsense to many new people. The bag is strong and sturdy and feels very expensive compared to a Kate Spade or MK bag. Super spacious as well! "
Kyllian S.
Pippa Presentation Tote
"The tote is gorgeous! High quality materials and you can tell it’s well made! I felt it was a little bigger than anticipated (depth wise) and if you get too much stuff inside you might be digging around for certain things, but the outer and inner pockets are great for the essentials like keys and phone! It wears comfortably on my shoulder with my products well displayed! No complaints!"
Lauren K.
In Love
"I am somewhat of an introvert. This bag has changed my business! I am working smarter and not harder. People ask me all the time about my products and my business as I am out and about which gives me new clients and leads and often leads to sales even while I am out running errands! Just another way to break the ice, create conversations and get leads as I am going about my day to day. Also, the quality and details of her bags are perfect! I am impressed at the quality for the price! "
Rachel A.
Great bag!!
"I LOVE my presentation bag. The room it has is incredible and the pocket windows to be able to display literature and things is great."
Vicki A.
Pippa Presentation Tote
"I love my Piper Noble Pippa Presentation Tote! Its the perfect conversation starter for my on hand Color Street inventory. It’s also roomy enough for my personal belongings, teacher materials and items for my toddler too!! Thank you!"
Ashley M.
"I love it! It’s the best business tool and investment I have made in a long time. I HIGHLY recommend using it and buying it. Brandi "
Brandi M.
"The bag is very nice and well put together I found it to small for what I need but it’s good for a few hours of being out. "
Jennifer G.
Love it
"Love my bag! Such good quality and I got it so quickly! It’s a pretty fabulous way to advertise my product, carry it around with me, and also feel stylish. "
Whitney S.
Totally love this bag!
"I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s so versatile and so much more convenient to take places than my giant wow tote. I also have a bad habit of overloading bags, so the size is perfect and never hurts my shoulder from being too heavy. "
Stephanie M.
Must HAVE!!!
"I absolutely love the design!! It is an attractive, classy way to market your business!! The bag is very spacious and durable!! "
Ashley R
Gorgeous spacious and perfect
"So woth it! I absolutely love this bag. It is gorgeous and well made. I love how spacious it is, yet it is not a lack hole. I can see and access everything quickly. My products look beautifully displayed. Perfect!"
Jessica F.
Advertising in Style
"I’m loving my Piper Noble bag! It displays my nail wraps well without looking overly “salesy.” I just look like I have good taste!"
Jill S.
Great quality
"Definitely nicely made!"
Johanny H.