Takeover Guest

Piper Noble Weekend Takeover

Check out our past takeovers under our Highlights section in IG @pipernoblebags

Before Friday we need the following from you:

1. A few photos posing with your styled PN bag:


2. What you want to contribute to our giveaway.
Totally optional: past guest examples include:
- A 30 min business coaching session
- Products:
-A YL diffuser and 2 oils
- Lipsense, mascara, glossy gloss
- Keto Coffee packets, nutrition shake
- A planner and daily affirmation cards


3. Your Bio Info: who are you?…can include personal achievements, professional achievements, etc. What we will post to tease the takeover introducing you to our audience.


We will give you a password to log in to our IG account. Please log in prior to your takeover start to make sure it goes smoothly. We will also give you the photo and the text for the Giveaway Post that you will post later this evening after your intro video (see below).

Friday Evening: First Story Video

1. Say hi, tell everyone about yourself and what company you are with as well as what you plan to talk about (how you stay organized to run your business as a busy mom, tools you use, inspiration, etc.) Watch our Takeovers in the Highlights for some examples.

2. AND announce the Giveaway, winner is always chosen on Sunday evening.

3. Then immediately post the giveaway in BOTH Piper Noble's feed and yours.


We strongly suggest pre-recording your stories if possible so that you don't feel pressure all weekend. Space them out and post one or two every few hours. These should be engaging and offer good tips for business and time management, how to make sales in an effective way and team build, etc. Again, watch the Takeover Highlights. We love to see how you use our bag as well but its not required.


 Same structure as Saturday, but its always good to throw in a Live if possible and let the audience ask you things. 

Sunday afternoon I will be sending you the name of the giveaway winner.

Sunday Evening usually around 7-9pm is peak viewing time for us to announce the Giveaway (you can go Live if you want to) and say your goodbyes.

Then usually on Monday we will send you the winner's mailing info so you can send what you are contributing to them.

Thank you so much!!! We are super excited snd if you have any questions, feel free to ask!